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Terry Erickson D.C.

Dr. Terry Erickson graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, CA in 1988, and has served as a chiropractor both in private practice and as an associate professor at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, MN.

Early in his years of practice, Dr. Erickson discovered the benefits of using the Activator technique, which is quite different from the techniques used by many other chiropractors.

The Activator method of treatment uses a gentle, low-force approach, with none of the popping, cracking or twisting that is generally associated with chiropractic care. Adjusting the spine using this technique allows spinal balance to be restored safely and gently, while aiding the body in healing itself. The Activator method is also widely researched, and is the only instrument-based adjusting technique with clinical trials that support its efficacy.

Dr. Erickson is advanced-proficiency rated, and has helped many patients over the years - patients with symptoms that range from headaches to sciatica pain, as well as patients that range in age from newborn babies to their 90s. His approach to care, in any situation, is to find the underlying cause of the problem instead of merely treating symptoms.

Dr. Erickson has been married over 40 years to his high school sweetheart, Tammie, who works as the office manager. They have 2 daughters; Kelly and Kate, and are empty nesters except for their Biewer Terrier, Stanley...the office mascot.

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